The Barter System‚Äč

***Not currently accepting students for barter***

If you are able to pay the rates for lessons, boarding, leasing, or even purchasing a horse, please do. However, at Calberry Farms we believe that everyone who wants horses in their life should not be prevented due to finances. To that end, Calberry Farms is open to the barter system. If you just want to interact with horses but don't really have interest in riding, you are welcome to volunteer by grooming or helping take care of the horses. If you are a beginning rider, feeding and helping take care of the horses in exchange for a discount in lesson prices is a possibility. If you are an experienced rider, teaching beginner lessons or taking care of horses in exchange for a discount in the prices of lessons, rides, or boarding are all possibilities. The same is true for the purchase price of a horse. If you would like to use the barter system, please be prepared to work hard.

  Boarding and Lessons


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Full training board $800 monthly 

Half training board $625 monthly

Lesson horse training board $375 -- If your horse is suitable to participate in lessons. Training sessions included on a weekly basis. Lessons are structured to be beneficial to the horse.


Calberry Farms


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Boarding and Training

***Currently accepting training boarders***

Training is rooted in Classical Dressage. Training will include work in hand, lunging in a stretch, and undersaddle work. Training focuses on getting the horses to move undersaddle how they would move if they weren't carrying a rider. Or, in other words, how nature intended them to move. This type of training will keep the horse as sound as possible as long into their life as possible and maximizes their athletic potential. Training progresses slowly, methodically, and with intention. Training can be with just the horse, or can include the owner in training sessions as well.

Boarded horses enjoy living out as much as possible as nature intended. Owners have free access to stalls. Board includes unlimited hay, grain once daily, and blanketing according to the stable's blanketing schedule.



***Currently accepting lessons students with a genuine interest in learning Classical Dressage. Currently scheduling beginning riders to start in September!***

Calberry has a limited lesson program. Lessons are oriented towards Classical Dressage (different from show ring dressage) as a foundation for all equestrian sports. Classical Dressage focuses on how to make the horse as comfortable as possible while carrying a rider. It strives to keep the horse as sound as possible for as long as possible into their lives and maximize their athletic potential. Riders will learn when a horse is moving comfortably and when a horse is uncomfortable. Therefore, lessons will progress slowly, methodically, and with intention.  Beginning riders must learn to groom and tack up their horse and care for their horse after a ride. Riders will learn work in hand and lunging in a stretch. Riders will learn how to ask a horse to engage their topline muscles and how to ask the horse to move correctly underneath them. Lessons have 1-3 people in them and can last anywhere from 45 to 75 minutes. Cost is $65 per person per lesson.

Riders should show up with a teachable attitude ready to learn and work!

Calberry Farms' staff is very busy, so if you inquire about lessons and don't hear back in a timely manner, please feel free to send another text or email!