About Calberry

Calberry Farms is a quiet, friendly, and welcoming barn conveniently located off of Hydraulic Road in Charlottesville. Calberry emphasizes Classical Dressage as a foundation for all equestrian sports. This means that training is geared towards getting the horse to move in the way nature intended. This type of training will keep a horse as sound as possible for as long as possible into their lives and maximize their athletic potential regardless of what sport they do.


Specializing in training that takes into account the natural biomechanics of the horse - maximizing their athletic potential and keeping them as sound as possible as long into their lives as possible. Carrying a rider is not natural to a horse, but correct training will make it as comfortable and enjoyable to the horse as possible. 

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Welcome to Calberry Farms!


Oriented towards Classical Dressage and may include jumping.


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Training for you and your horse with a classical foundation.