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 Calberry Farms


17379 Wolftrap Drive, Gordonsville VA 22942




If you are a prospective training boarder and would like to schedule a tour, please send an email.

If you are ready to schedule a lesson, please email with your general availability, your riding background, and whether you have a preference between group or private lessons. Please note that, due to a small staff that prioritizes the care of the horses and management of the farm, we do not offer tours to prospective students. You are welcome to schedule a one time lesson to see if Calberry is right for you before continuing with weekly lessons. 

Please expect a possible delay in the response! Calberry Farms is a small farm with limited staff and availability and we will respond as soon as we are able to do so if there's availability. If you haven't heard back and are very interested, feel free to send another email!


Physical Address:

                   275 Ipswich Place

                   Charlottesville VA 22901

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