Classical training will keep the horse as sound as possible as long into their life as possible and maximizes their athletic potential. Training progresses slowly, methodically, and with intention. 

All boarded horses must be in half or full training. Boarded horses enjoy living out as much as possible as nature intended. Owners have free access to stalls. Board includes unlimited hay, grain once daily, and blanketing according to the stable's blanketing schedule.

Full training board... $675 monthly

Half training board...$525 monthly

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Training Board

***1/1/2024 We currently have an opening for one full training boarder.***

Calberry offers training board rooted in classical principles. The idea is to get the horse moving how nature intended them to move with a rider on their back. Training starts with work in hand, progresses to lunging in a stretch, and then on to undersaddle work. Training board can be combined with lessons so that both horse and rider can develop together.